Dr. Shaw and the Austin Urology Institute might have legendary status as one of the top urologists in Austin, with endorsements from local celebrities, a global reputation for excellence in robotics, and a strong presence on TV, radio, the press, and social. While these esteemed mediums were great exposure, our healthcare marketing agency wanted to target potential patients in a more unique and direct way.


Long Center Case Study



Every urologist in Austin and Texas would use the go-to traditional and digital methods of promotion to get their practice in front of audiences. So doing the same would make it impossible to stand out in this sector of healthcare marketing. We wanted to develop a campaign that not only had strong content, but an “in your face” media placement as well.


Our solution was to target the potential patients with an ad placed where it would make the most sense: in a bathroom. After speaking with the Long Center, Austin’s premier cultural arts center, we inked a deal to get our witty and punchy posters up in their restrooms. We knew targeted bathroom ads were, uh, kinda awkward. So we played into the humor.


It can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of an ad like this, where it’s as much about brand awareness as booking appointments. As a healthcare marketing agency, we knew the campaign was effective when we heard people were stealing the ads right out of the placards. When SXSW came to town, the campaign blew up on social media as influencers tweeted photos of the installed ads. Then it got featured in Ads of the World, a globally-reaching aggregator of top advertising creative.


During this campaign, the brand developed a more witty and humorous approach to talking about uncomfortable subjects which resonated with a lot of people. Not only did the Austin Urology Institute begin to receive even more praise for being a top urologist in Austin, but we were also able to execute a high-engaging OOH advertising campaign for a minimal budget by taking advantage of underutilized bathroom placements.