Get on the fast track        

We are taking new agency clients at our production arm, 8AM Creative

Competitor Breakdown
We look at competitors’ websites, their positioning, and strategies to determine how to one up them.

Ad Strategies
How we would position your brand to succeed in your industry.

SEO Analysis
How does your site stack up on search?

Branding Audit
Are you appealing to the right people?

Positioning Pitch
How you can transform your brand into a juggernaut?


Without execution, your idea never existed.

The bottom line: we only have 24 hours in a day. The most effective will win.

We didn’t become the most effective Austin marketing agency by following tradition or textbook. We did it by following our guts and making people nervous with our marketing strategy. We’ll know if your sales cycle is too long, why, and how to fix it. We always do.

Our strategists create your brand market analysis and our CEO will take you through it, identifying your differential right away. Hailing from a very successful career in business development, she walks the talk. That innate quality is what drives her creative direction, and it’s why we’ve been dubbed “The Creative Salesforce.”

Make Your Next Quarter’s Earnings Give Last Year a Run for Its Money

Rock Candy Media is the results-based branding agency. We find short-term opportunities while positioning your company for long-term growth.
Hiring a branding consultant and marketing firm is an investment in your company. Taking on a client is an investment for us as well, in our time and energy. So we need to make sure we’re a good fit…