Get on the fast track        

1. You hired a full time “marketing” person.
2. You worked 2X harder micromanaging them.
3. They do just OK with everything.
4. Adopt us. We execute.

An agency doesn’t need a salary, benefits, vacation, sick days, a desk, or computer.

It’s easy to get an agency up and running. All you have to do is pay them and they’ll take care of their people.

Agencies have a reputation.

Hiring good people can be hit or miss, but ad agencies (especially Rock Candy Media, Austin TX) have reviews and reputations to uphold, so you have a better sense of what you’re getting into.

Agencies provide massive value.

Imagine building an in-house team that offers the same set of services as an advertising agency like Rock Candy Media. According to Indeed, your marketing crew could cost quite a bit:

For a Web Developer,

average yearly salary is $78,316

For a Senior Graphic Designer,

average yearly salary is $59,183

For a Creative Director,

average yearly salary is $98,397

For a Senior Content Manager,

average yearly salary is $93,346

That entire team would cost you $329,242 before taxes and benefits.

Get an Agency Instead

Full Time vs RCM
Full Time vs RCM Team

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