What’s better than getting high-traffic press mentions? Getting it without spending a dime on advertising, and positioning yourself as an authority in your field and a titan of your industry with the help of a healthcare marketing agency. Our client, the Austin Urology Institute, led by Dr. Koushik Shaw, wanted to get their name out at a national level. But not in some corny, overpriced, 15-second commercial. They wanted to do it authentically, the same way they run their urology practice.


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Getting national attention at any level is difficult. Even if you do have an incredibly large budget and the opportunity to hit television screens. So unless you create a piece of content that goes viral, you’re going to have to roll with that school of fish that are always looking for a bite: the press. We weren’t just thinking local. Not just Austin Monthly or Texas Medicine. Dr. Shaw was looking for something big to stand apart from other Austin urologists… something like Men’s Health.


Our experience as PR specialists had taught us that there is no way you can reel in a Moby Dick like Men’s Health magazine without starting with a smaller catch first. This being the case, we sought out publications like Prevention magazine. It had a sizable reach but was more specialized—the perfect stepping stone to mainstream stardom. Once we scored that interview with Prevention, we knew that the Men’s Health whale was ours.


Once the piece was published, it immediately started to get hits Naturally, we would use this piece of press more aggressively, pushing it to other publications, magazines, and news organizations to get more hits. But it turned into wildfire, getting bites from Runner’s World and a few weeks after that, yup, you guessed it, Men’s Health. Oh, and AskMen, Cosmopolitan, Health.com, and Glamour.


Not only is getting press like that cheaper than an ad placement in the same publication, it comes off more authentically. Anyone can pay for attention, but it’s the brands, businesses, and health practices like Austin Urology Institute who earn your attention via respectable sources. These press mentions from a healthcare marketing agency are a major source of site traffic, even months and years after first being published. Plus, Dr. Shaw gets to brag about it to the other doctors on the golf course.