When the COVID-19 crisis hit the states, Mercury Mosaics had to shut down their tile factory. Rather than furloughing the entire team, Mercedes, the company founder, decided to keep them on to plot out a new production process. In unprecedented and uncertain times, this seemed like a communications strategy worth sharing. Inc Magazine agreed.


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A global pandemic is an unmitigated tragedy, presenting people and businesses with some of the toughest decisions imaginable. It was essential for companies to articulate a communications strategy that kept customers informed of their response to the new risks posed. And during that time, it was impossible to get press and seemed inappropriate to heavily promote anything else.


Our client Mercury Mosaics was taking a shelter in place order that could potentially devastate their business and decided to use it as an opportunity to regroup and refocus. We thought that was wise. We also thought that other business owners would be interested in learning from their example. So we immediately turned around and sent out pitches to business publications.


Mercury Mosaics produces beautiful hand-made tile, so their usual suspects for press opportunities are design magazines and blogs. They are also a rare example of a thriving manufacturing facility in this post-industrial US economy. We knew that made them a fascinating case study for business reporters, and they work on a wide range of commercial projects, so the audience is appropriate as well.


The Inc story was published on May 30 and detailed how the factory managed to adapt to a world-historic disaster. On our end, we promoted the article on Mercury’s social channels, where it reached over 20,000 impressions. Hopefully, it inspired other business owners to persevere. And then maybe buy some tile.