FlexRadio, a software-defined radio company, was looking to move some hardware. Rock Candy Media got on their wavelength, and brought a wave of new buyers to their website.

FlexRadio Case Study

The Campaign
Ham/amateur radio has a huge niche of hardcore enthusiasts, but how do you reach them outside the airwaves? And, more importantly, how do we get them to buy? Facebook was the right platform for the job – with a wide demographic reach. With data accrued from past FlexRadio, Rock Candy Media created a Lookalike audience of over two million similar enthusiasts. With some clever creative, we sent out our campaign over the social-waves… and it wasn’t long before the clicks came streaming in. Within $150 in spend, we had our first sale. Ham radios are not cheap, so that’s a solid ROI. The campaign had the perfect combination of right audience, right message and right product to bring us a great cost-per-acquisition from the get-go. Ads on Facebook and Google are still going strong, bringing new ham-heads to the FlexRadio fold.