FlexRadio is a technology leader in the field of shortwave radios. We know it, their fans know it, but newcomers to the world of shortwave have to compare numerous brands and models. But their fans weren’t leaving reviews that would net them new customers. Rock Candy Media changed all that with a customer review strategy.

FlexRadio Case Study


Getting people to leave a review seems simple enough, but it actually tends to be quite challenging. For one, it’s sort of annoying to do. Then there’s the risk that you’re inviting negative reviews along with the good.


Rock Candy Media created a customer review strategy asking buyers to review FlexRadio as a company. To avoid negative reviews, we redirected complainers to a feedback form. To do that, we created a graphic with five stars, and asked users to click the one they would rate Flex. If they chose four or five, they would be directed to write a Google review. Three or lower took them to a feedback form.


User reviews are essential to selling anything online. They establish trust, give honest third-party impressions of the product, and broadcast the company’s reputability. By sending negative reviewers to a site where their feedback would be sent privately to the company, we singled out individuals who might hurt their reputation.


The email went out to 1633 diehard fans, leading to 43 new reviews on Google and five new Facebook recommends. Plus 14 feedback forms provided user insight and diverted potential negative reviews. If that doesn’t sound like a lot to you, ask yourself this: when do you ever leave a review for anything? The campaign dramatically boosted Flex’s standing in search, and provided essential social proof to increase conversions of our other campaigns.