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Dec 5, 2020    Burn Book

Sexy KFC Seems Like A Typo


People of Earth,

… I think I’m in the majority when I say I definitely don’t think anyone wants a sexy Colonel Sanders. And yes, that is something that exists and has existed many times prior, apparently.

Making him (played by Mario Lopez) star of a spoof Lifetime movie (complete short film with a trailer and everything) is, bluntly, super off-beat, and not in a good way. I mean sure, the occasional “bad” act turning out “good” is fun– just take The Happiest Season for example. It’s a Christmas Hallmark movie that’s actually great and full of real story, and not about a blonde girl coming to her hometown and falling in love with her long lost high school sweetheart over gooey eyes and holiday twinkly lights. (Could they have used a non-toxic couple in their first real representation of a gay relationship? Yes. But we take our wins when we see ‘em.)

But Colonel Sanders? As a Lifetime movie? A sexy one? With KFC allusions just sprinkled in?

Sometimes “The eff?” Is Not A Good Reaction

Call us prude or humorless if you so please (though we’d say you must be new here), but that seems like the lowest (and outdated) form of comedy. Like a parent of a Gen Z’er telling a racially biased joke on Tik Tok. (Not to say Tik Tok audiences don’t love its older users, the comedy just has to be unintended, wholesome, or subtle.) Honestly, we hope we’re wrong. We hope it turns out just ridiculous and cheesy enough to get some ironic fans or a cult fandom, like the potential in this KFC ad. Or KFC’s gaming channel having 24K subscribers. Or their 2018 live stream of cats doing things. Or this scented candle.

But an experiment on ever-changing stunts may be starting to get old. Yeah we hope we’re wrong, but mostly we’re just confused. The stunts and out of the box strategies, we think, are a perfect depiction of creativity continuing with no direction. After all, people seem to be pretty amused and pleased with things like Denny’s super simple unapologetic Instagram, and Denny’s didn’t have to film a mini movie to bring that love in.

Anyhoo, we hope we’re wrong as the Gen Z/ Zillennial team here (even though this seems ill-advised considering how evenly spread the customer age demographics are for KFC visitors). We also hope we don’t see many more iterations of Sexy Colonel Sanders. It just sits with us in a way that feels weird, and definitely not in the mood for fried chicken.

Z team, out for now.

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