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Jan 12, 2021    Burn Book

How to Convert More Leads From Your Website, Part 1


Alright, we both know this isn’t going to be a one golden answer to making your business hit the big leagues. There is no one answer, and every answer you do get, if it’s any good and from a marketing automation agency, is going to be multi-parted in order to fit in enough information. If we’re on the same page with that, then you’re on the right track. Tally-ho:

The first problem to solve if you’re not seeing a decent ROI on website conversions (here are a bunch of industry standards as a marker) is to make sure 1) you’re showing up on SERPs (search engine result pages) through SEO (search engine optimization), and 2) you’re showing up to the right people (also through SEO). If you’re not showing up, or you’re showing up to the wrong people, no matter how much traffic you reel in, conversion rates will be sub-par.

Here’s how to make sure you’re showing up to the right people on SERPs, from our decade-long award-winning experience as a marketing automation agency to you:

1. Research head to toe what keywords, short and long form, local and national, you should be using.

Lots of free and paid tools and services will allow you to look at the keywords your top-performing industry lookalikes and competitors are ranking for. Your job is not just to overtake them for similar keywords, but find a niche they haven’t hit yet, a weakness, and make that your strength. To be frank, this is a game of catch-up, and you need to lay the foundations here before moving forward on your own.

2. Fill your site, landing pages, and copy with the right keywords without keyword stuffing.

Google crawlers that are sweeping your site to see how you should rank can smell illegitimate and over-the-top keyword stuffing and will penalize you for it. All keywords should flow seamlessly with the rest of your copy, rather than randomly shoehorned in, and be found in copy as well as in headings and URLs when possible. Luckily, if you deliver what you say you do, it should be easy to work in all the keywords you need. Think of every keyword placement as an answer to what your target consumer would type into a search bar.

3. Stay fluid and adaptable.

4. It’s not all about perfect landing pages and site copy, or even Google ads and bidding on keywords. The best SEO actually comes from content marketing.

With every piece of content being a new chance to use keywords and drive the right traffic to your site, it’s no wonder 80% of marketers rely on content marketing as an integral part of their marketing automation strategy. Content marketing gets three times as many leads for every dollar spent, compared to paid search, and costs 62% less than outbound marketing. Again, creating content that answers the questions your target audience is typing into a search bar shouldn’t seem impossible if you’re actually solving a consumer problem with your product. The main challenge here is creating content that sticks out in a crowded field — and that’s where brand creativity, brand strategy, brand authenticity, and a marketing automation agency comes in.

For Part 1 this series, we’re done. Though broken down into four steps, this is actually a ton of work, not counting the vetting and upstart time of finding the right tools to keep your pulse on keyword and SERP trends. It’s also not counting the long-term content strategy that must be laid out to stay on top once you get there.

Certainly, there’s an answer to this question, no? A solution to this problem?

You guessed it– a marketing automation agency is an SEO consultant, website designer, brand strategist, integrated marketing, and conversion rate optimization expert (What is CRO?) wrapped into one, if they’re true to their promises.

And that’s what we are. When you leave the nitty gritty bidding, producing, strategizing, iterating, and branding to us, that leaves you with enough time for endless creative high-level thinking. Of course, we don’t run wild and blind and hope for the best. Think of us as your passenger, with you in the driver’s seat, as we navigate you down a road we paved.

Getting higher conversions from your site isn’t easy, and this is only part one of (we’re guessing) four or five, each more in-depth than the last. But while you’re the expert in your industry, we’re the expert in making you stand at the top of yours.

We’ve been ten years in the game, with the proof to prove ourselves (in case studies and in press). Look around if you’d like, we’ll wait here for when you’re ready to start the engine.

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