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Jan 4, 2021    Burn Book

Your Friendly Neighborhood SEO Consultants With A 2021 Warning


If there’s anything we know as a top SEO consultant (search engine optimization), it’s that user intent is everything. Of course you need to know what your target audience is searching so that you show up on their search engine results pages (SERP), that seems obvious, right? Right.

What’s new, and what’s been demonstrated by Google in 2020, is that the SERP is more fluid than ever, as dictated by ever-changing user intent. What’s that mean? It means that even if your SEO is off the charts for the keywords and phrases that normally bring people to your doorstep, it could exponentially increase or flat-out disappear overnight if user intent changes– because Google has gotten just as fluid too.

Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2021 Ride on SERP Changes

One example– throughout 2020, nearly every search ended up giving results for the search term + virtual or online or at-home because it was just a given that that’s what users meant when they typed in “fitness challenge,” “movie releases,” or “therapy.” And Google isn’t stopping with this ultra-fluidity in its SERPs. That means that if a construction company is popping off with search terms like “How often to have asphalt repair done?” one day, the next day they could end up on page five if Google thinks the user intent has changed enough to something like “Alternatives to asphalt repair,” as small business funds plummet (like they did for brick and mortars in 2020).

It means if an interior design company holds top rankings for “Same day bathroom tile design quote” but Google sees user intent lands closer to a competitor that does virtual AR-assisted quotes, the fist interior design company falls to the wayside unless they’ve managed to optimize for those AR keywords as well.

SEO Consultant → CRO → ROI

Every business owner knows that knowing their target demographic’s intent is everything — that’s the basis of coming to market with a solution to a problem. But 2021 will show us, in the wake of unprecedented and detrimental 2020, that staying ahead of those intent trends will be more important than ever. Not only to optimize your ads and conversions (What is CRO?), but to get people to you from the SERP to begin with.

So how do you go about riding ahead of that fluidity wave? Well, you’re the expert in your industry, yes? As a marketing automation agency, we don’t claim to also be an expert in construction or interior design, only in the marketing automation of those businesses. But put us in your passenger seat? And you’ve got two experts navigating you straight to a carefully branded, top of YOUR industry destination.

Lucky for you, that’s not just an analogy, because we’re a top SEO consultant as well, local and otherwise. How else would we claim to optimize entire sales cycles through CRO, when the very nature of CRO is optimizing how people find you and how fast they convert from any and all mediums (social channel, site, referral)? We start with SERPs. Watching them change. Predicting how they move. Getting to know your industry from the lens of ours.

Now, as top SEO consultants, we’re usually pretty booked up (would you want anything less from a company that claims to book you up full of clients and customers?). But we may be able to make next quarter give this one a run for its money, even with 2020 still visible in the rear view mirror.

And if you’re all set on SEO consultants, click around our other resources for things you should know, or our proof pages to see our work in action, in Texas and beyond.

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