No matter what industry you’re in, the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website rebuild can determine whether it drives sales or wallows in obscurity. With Texas Materials Group, a family of asphalt and concrete construction companies, it was critical that their search presence be dominant in all areas of operations.


Search Engine Optimization



When we first began working with TMG (known as Oldcastle Materials at the time), the first major marketing weakness was their long-neglected website. It had practically no search presence whatsoever. Many variables determine a site’s ranking, so we needed to first understand what parts of their website were unoptimized and what needed attention.


Prior to actually rebuilding and optimizing the website, extensive keyword research was conducted to determine the top-tier targets to incorporate. After conducting website and search engine audits, we hit the website with a wrecking ball and began developing a new one from the ground up. This consisted of optimizing the backend of the website by reworking meta tags and image alt descriptions. We filled the site copy with target keywords, and created a content strategy for consistently adding fresh content over time.


As a result of our website rebuild and optimization, we saw an increase in organic traffic… by 720%. While our client was ecstatic to see how quickly we were able to turn around their search engine troubles and generate traffic, they were just as satisfied with a brand new, industry-leading website to then turn visitors into customers.


By developing a stronger search presence, Texas Materials Group could also spend less time and money on paid spend like Google AdWords, as they were getting the same traffic their competitors were. And they were getting it for free.