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Dec 17, 2019    Industry Intrigue

How to Market New Telehealth Products in an Entrenched Industry


You’d think, in marketing, it’s all about talking about yourself. Talking about what you can do, what problem your product solves, boasting this ego-centric vibe without coming off as an entitled jerk. After all, you did create this new telehealth product, right? To help people? What else would you talk about?

Similar to what we’ve said here about how your brand doesn’t need an ad, it needs a story, your telehealth product should focus on anything but itself and what it can do.

Even features? Yes, even features. At first.

If you’re sitting here, head of a startup, or head of marketing and branding for a new telehealth solution, the biggest mistake you can make is thinking people want to hear about what your product can do, what technology it uses, etc.

Your target audience – patients – aren’t getting on Google and searching “healthcare app to talk to doctor now.” They’re searching for things like “How to refill prescription fast,” “how do I know if I have strep throat,” and “doctors office closed, ER too expensive.”

In short, your focus should be on the patient (seems obvious, but you’d be surprised).

Focusing on how they feel means a marketing and branding strategy that, instead of boasting (1) technology, (2) features, and (3) convenience, boasts things like (1) decreased anxiety, (2) getting their questions answered fast, (3) judgment-free consultations, (4) cheaper alternative to urgent care, and more.

A prospective user of your solution isn’t going to find and adopt you when they’re not sick and in need of immediate assistance. Most likely, they will be in a less-than-stellar state of health, with increasing stress about getting treatment and paying for it.

Once they see that you can solve that stress, then you can start to funnel them through, for example,

– a landing page that summarizes how it works and all the cool, convenient features

– a follow-up telecare email asking how they’re feeling, and reminding them of everything your solution can do in the future (retaining app download numbers, anyone?)

Healthcare, as traditional and entrenched as it is, even more than other industries cannot rely on marketing tactics that have worked in the past.

No dumping money in Facebook download ads without strategic branding work behind it. No modern graphics without knowing exactly what you want your patients to feel when they see your logo.

No more on-a-whim telehealth business plans just based on the fact that you’re new compared to the industry ways.

Lucky enough for you, Rock Candy Media specializes in making sure you’re received exactly how you want to be, by the right people, and with the shortest sales cycle possible.

Making healthcare more available and more affordable is noble, but it will unfortunately fall flat without a team of strategy- and patient-focused telehealth marketing professionals helping you make the brand all that it can be.

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