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Jun 5, 2020    Burn Book

The Emerging Tech Startups We’re Having Our Gen Z Team Members Stalk: Part 5


Alright people; you should know the drill by now. This is Part 5 of “Not Sponsored, Just Cool.” AKA, as a team of creative strategists for a top SEO/branding agency in Austin, here’s who we’re stalking right now.

This time we’re in the medical field.

Lately, we like to look at telehealth solutions and the startups developing connected new ways to deliver healthcare, especially remotely and to remote locations. But to harken back a tad to classic delivery of medical services, we’re going with Medigate, a security network to protect everything from medical/administrative platforms and databases to IoT medical devices themselves. Basically, they want to help manage and secure every clinical network from cyber attacks.

That’s a big goal, which is why we like it. In every industry, whether it’s age-old or there’s a new version of it every time a serial entrepreneur gets a burst of energy, there are gaps. Gaps in how it’s delivered, gaps in how it’s managed, gaps in how it’s enforced, evolved, etc. That’s why there are opportunities in every industry no matter how long it’s been around.

The billion-dollar funding seed rounds are the ones that point out a gap no one thought was fixable (or there).

With Medigate, we see a need that’s always been there: security. But where they fill in, is that they can cover entire clinical networks. No security for each device separately managed by different companies, all of whom need to be communicated with from someone in the medical field.

Picture where IT techs, nurses, administrators, board members, doctors, investors, patients, and everyone else works in, and you’re looking at a tangled ball of yarn with efficiency, productivity, and money leaking out of every nook and cranny. (I was going to say spider web, but spiderwebs are never messy– they’re meticulous, calculated, neat. Go spiders.)

So how do startups like Medigate need to brand themselves? If there’s one thing we know, it’s that being the best, or the startup with the most expertise, or the most passion, or the most drive, is NOT all you need to succeed. You can’t get to the top just by being the best on the ground. You need to be the evolving best, constantly future-proofing what you do, stating clearly what you stand for, and only then do your advertising and marketing efforts have a leg to stand on. (Let’s be real, if passion and good intentions was all it took, we’d have more alternatives to Amazon right now.)

Is it enough to be trustworthy? Is it enough to be bold?

What about:











Stick any adjective on your brand and throughout your website copy all you want, even check out a chart on color psychology, and your branding still won’t be strong enough to pop your head out of the IMMENSE sea of competitors in this age of emerging tech.

But with the amount of opportunities abound, competition won’t take a break either, even though it’s gotten harder to make it.

So what’s the solution?

Well, it’s not MORE branding. Not MORE adjectives. Not combining calm with caring, or scholarly with relatable. What you actually need in order to stand out is calculated efforts from a team of strategists who know how to subtly, powerfully, and cohesively inject precise branding to your target demographics. Simultaneously, they would inject doubt about the competitors consumers will inevitably see. All without losing the elusive authenticity.

That said, that’s not something I can summarize for you here. It’s something we break down in positioning analyses and kickoff meetings. It’s something we live as brand strategists, that you see in every deliverable. It’s something we’ve been doing for over 10 years. And given our clout in Clutch, Forbes, Psych Today, ABJ, and with clients, we’re pretty sure it’s been a successful decade. Want to be with us in the next one?

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