Edge computing is an inevitable part of our future, so companies are scrambling to tap in. That means key decision-makers are evaluating software platforms like ClearBlade to make this critical leap. While ClearBlade developed an incredible edge computing platform with applications in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and several other fronts, they were confronted with a few issues regarding their brand and website.


website design



What happens when you’re a relatively young company with an incredible Internet of Things (IoT) platform stepping up to bat against industry giants like IBM and Dell? And how do you go about capturing and retaining the attention of an audience already dominated by these household names? What you can’t do is have a generic brand with stale messaging and an underperforming website. We knew ClearBlade’s image wasn’t working because their site had a high bounce rate: people were leaving the site immediately. It wasn’t doing justice to this revolutionary technology.


We immediately went to work on new branding. In the meantime, we fine-tuned the targeting on all ad channels: more specialized keywords in search ads and more likely purchasers on social. Ultimately, ads alone can’t make someone buy. The brand has to appeal to them through every step of the process and every page of the website. Using a combination of heatmap software, traffic analytics, and brand architecture for the product offerings, we designed a website that would convert leads and leave a lasting impression on visitors.


Once the ads had been optimized, we saw a 12% drop in bounce rate—meaning more people were spending time on their website. After the new and vastly improved site went live, the bounce rate dropped by 43% to reach a low of 23%. This was a huge leap in retention.


The lower bounce rate led to more conversions and improved returns from the advertising spend. Visitors were spending an average of 10 minutes on the site—a clear indication of greater interest in the products and more importantly, the brand and personality of the company.

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