Contain’s homes were determined to stage a quiet rebellion in how homes are constructed. As prefabricated homes that not only take a shorter amount of time to build but are more efficient and affordable too, Contain was certainly bringing a new twist to the world of real estate and construction. But when branding and identity agency, Rock Candy Media, met them, their brand was a long way away from expressing just that.


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Given that real estate and construction are such age-old industries, with such a consistent way of buying and building homes in purchaser’s minds, we needed to introduce Contain as something that would advance the industry. This isn’t just another option; it’s a major advancement. While residential and commercial construction could be impractical at times, it’s what everyone had relied on, so presenting an alternative would require a bold introduction.


In order to convey to audiences that Contain was not only newer but better than the time-honored methods, we looked to their branding. By coupling a strong visual identity with cohesive messaging, we aimed to show customers that Container Homes were a faster, more efficient, and more affordable way to go about modern living, pointing to it as a true revolution. Though the size, style, and price-points of their prefab designs varied considerably, there was an underlying methodology. Getting one of these homes places you firmly on the right side of history.


Our branding and identity agency ended up with a logo design that was understated yet sleek, evocative of the form of the product without being too suggestive of any of their specific designs. Additionally, the tagline we crafted, Revolutionary in Any Form, implies that all of their designs are based on practices that upend expectations and shake up the industry. We led with the idea that revolution is a turning over of the old and the ascension of something new and let the rest of the messaging flow from there.

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Though this type of home can be more affordable than traditional building methods allow, a house is still a major expense. Nobody wants to risk their life’s savings on questionable construction. Having a solid brand establishes trust. It can make those who might otherwise fear change welcome it. That’s the benefit of this branding effort.

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